Business Bootstrap Template Review

There are tons of templates on the market; each one different from the other and each one directed towards a certain niche in the market.

Mobirise is a company that wants the world to have mobile-friendly websites without coding. Their array of latest Mobirise templates allows most websites to run in a mobile-friendly environment with little to no effort required.

Business website template

With this premise in mind, their BusinessM4 free Bootstrap template has been carefully crafted for various businesses that want their customers to be directed towards a premium-looking, finished business Bootstrap template.

Based on Bootstrap – the web’s preferred framework; it removes the need for professionals in an easy-to-manage way; especially when combined with the HTML website creator.

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Important features

Clean– This HTML Bootstrap template has a major focus on responsiveness and minimalism; while using it, it felt very light to the touch and very premium. Using chic colors, gradients, and shadows, mobirise made this template accurate and modern.

This is especially visible on mobile devices, where color accuracy, clean edges, and clutter-free.

Responsiveness – The Business M4 Premium template takes the cake when it comes to responsiveness; it feels like going from an old android phone to the latest iPhone. While you are leaving a lot of features, you’re, at the same time, replacing them with a much more responsive platform free from clutter.

free HTML Bootstrap template

Mobile friendly – this business Bootstrap template is extremely mobile friendly; with clear and crisp display on any mobile device with the easy-to-handle user interface allowing ease of access and maneuverability.

Easy to work with – Designing your pages with the BusinessM4 template has never been easier. It’s not only easy to install, it’s easy to work with too. After you have the Mobirise Website creator program and the BusinessM4 business Bootstrap template installed, you can simply enter and start building your website.

Website blocks

Since the theme focuses on business, there are tons of website blocks that are designed to make your website modern, professional and easy to work with. With each Mobirise theme, there are different blocks that focus on various special, themed topics.


Through the Mobirise website blocks make the website building process easy and convenient. Buttons, icons, boxes, etc. are all part of the website building process and are tools at your disposal.

Headers, menus, images, videos, features, articles, call to action blocks, team blocks, forms, maps, pricing lists, clients & partners, accordions, footers and more.

free Bootstrap 4 template

Create your website audience and keep them stuck with your brand because of your modern, minimalistic and professionally done website through the mobirise platform.

Mobile-friendly to the max

The mobirise platform as well as the BusinessM4 template has been created specially to give websites complete control over the mobile version of their website.

Complete mobile-friendliness and a massive focus on website design, you’ll experience your website in a superb manner on any mobile device your audience has.

You also have control over the end-user mobile experience and can do tweaks and edits that will help make your website accessible to the larger part of your audience.

free Business Bootstrap template

Mobile-friendly design will allow more people to experience your website the way it’s meant to be.

Pros and cons

While this theme basically focuses on the audience and creating a professional website in a pinch, there are a lot of pros and cons you may want to weight before you actually end up buying it.


  • A relatively inexpensive theme that can give your website a completely professional look through the blocks and modules as well as provide a mobile-optimized experience for almost all mobile devices on the market
  • Business-related website look that will be able to match different sorts of businesses in a pinch, including Creative agency, Travel Agency and many more.
  • Business-oriented design and modules that allow business to maintain a unique look while also allowing your audience a platform with accessibility and professionalism.
  • Countless customizability options to make a company-specific mark on your audience; complete control over the ins and outs of your website, all within a defined framework.


  • While there are different customizability options with the BusinessM4 theme, you cannot get in-depth of because of the Mobirise platform. Because BM4 is a Business bootstrap template, you can create a website without any prior knowledge about website development. But, for professionals, it is too simple and minimalistic on a larger scale.
  • IF you apply this Business bootstrap template through mobirise, you’ll need a local-based hosting; unlike WordPress, mobirise isn’t supported by any major hosting service.


Even though this business bootstrap theme is focusing heavily on simplicity, clean UI and accessibility, there are a lot of professional bottlenecks because of the Mobirise platform.

However, for someone who wants to create a professional looking, clean, mobile-optimized website that is optimized for business use, the businessM4 theme has features that will allow most features you can find on any other major website creator software.

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