Bootstrap Mobile Theme Review

Creating websites is not hard anymore. There are hundreds of tools that significantly simplify the website creation process. It’s not necessary to be a web developer or web designer if you’d like to build a website by yourself. The most of the online/offline web building software is focused on the visual editing without a necessity to touch any line of code. Some of them have a few or more themes or free bootstrap templates made for every person’s taste. Usually, free bootstrap template solutions are highly customizable and flexible, but you might come across the question how could you choose the best theme from such a huge variety of them.

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Maybe it sounds disappointing to you, but there are no “best” solutions in this case. Every theme either lack some functionality or is way too universal and doesn’t provide special features you need. But every theme has advantages as well. One of this theme that is special yet universal in some kind of way is LawyerM4 Bootstrap Mobile Theme.

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Bootstrap Template

The LawyerM4 theme is one of the Mobirise Bootstrap mobile themes. Mobirise is an offline HTML5 website creator that offers web design solutions for free. Mobirise is based on Bootstrap - the most preferred web framework. Bootstrap alleviates the web development for professionals and is more powerful and easy-to-manage when combined with the Mobirise HTML Website Creator.

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So you don’t have to learn about Bootstrap and how to use it and don’t even need to have coding knowledge at all to make professional and up-to-date Bootstrap-based websites.

Fast and easy

First off, you should learn how to work on your projects using Mobirise HTML Website Creator program and the LawyerM4 mobile bootstrap template. You will be excited about how quick and simple the installation process is. Once you have the application installed, go to Sites in the dashboard to create a new site, choose the LawyerM4 Bootstrap mobile theme and from this moment on you can start building and designing your own webpages.

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The super thing on Mobirise HTML Free HTML Bootstrap Template maker is that you don’t need any tutorials and guidelines to learn how to manage this program: working with it is so easy and amazing so even a kid could cope with it. You just drag and drop pre-defined website blocks on the blank page, arrange and design them with the help of block parameters, fill the content, add images and videos, put some links and your site is ready to go live.

Clean Website Blocks

As said above, each Mobirise theme provides a ready-to-use set of pre-designed website blocks. There are standard blocks in each website theme that a modern website couldn’t go without and some special topic-focused blocks.

LawyerM4 mobile bootstrap template has over 50 blocks at its disposal: responsive menus with buttons and icons, headers with countdowns, cubscribe boxes and video embeds, features with cards, round profile images with social media icons, sliders and galleries, animated progress bars, clients and testimonial blocks, maps with gray filters, tabs, footers with reveal effect and so on.

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You can see that there is everything you need to fascinate and impress your website audience.

Mobile-friendly Design

In the top center of the of the application you will find a phone icon. It’s a mobile preview button to check how your website displays on mobile devices. If you click on it, you will find out that your website accommodates the mobile screen automatically without further manual adjustments. That’s the core feature that makes your website accessible to the majority of people.

Latest Features

Mobirise as well as LawyerM4 Bootstrap mobile theme supports the latest features that have modern websites.

If you want, you can add a scrolling animation, retina-ready icons, scroll-to-top button, rounded buttons, video autoplay, color overlays, background images and videos, animated progress bars and circles and much more.

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These features can be added just with a few mouse clicks. It would definitely take you a lot of your time if you would try to achieve the same manually.

For any purpose

The mobile bootstrap template was named as LawyerM4, so they can suppose that it’s created for legal people or organizations. Are we allowed to use this theme for building, say, websites for a car service center or a mobile app promotion? Yes, there are no limits in what you can do with Mobirise HTML Website Creator and LawyerM4 Bootstrap mobile theme. You can swap images and videos, insert your own content and no one will ever notice that your website was built using a theme for lawyers.


To wrap it up, I see more advantages than disadvantages of using the LawyerM4 mobile bootstrap template. It allows you to generate mobile-friendly (1) website without the need to code (2), saving your time (3) and budget (4), let alone the latest trendy features that wow website visitors (5). There are some disadvantages as well, for instance, you might need more customization possibilities that aren’t available in block parameters. But even in this case, Mobirise offers the Code Editor extension that let you do anything you can’t do using standard app options.

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