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The world of web development is in a constant evolution towards an easier way of accomplishing goals in terms of efficiency or design patterns. This is due to the fact that nowadays it is needed to have a fast way of developing a website even for non-programmers.

That situation has led the urge of new tools to improve this, so that made things like open source website builder software to come in to play. This tools makes the life better for non-techies and for frontend developers who need a good way of having prototypes besides drawing in a piece of paper, which is pretty basic and doesn't give you an idea about how all the implementations will be applied in the future.

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There are 2 types of website builders mainly, online and offline:

Online website builders are designed to run on the provider’s service. This tools doesn't need to be installed natively in the device you want to use it, instead, you have to use it through a browser via online as it name specifies.

On the other hand, we have Offline website builders, this kind of builders are made of software that you run locally on your PC and start designing there, but after the work is done you have to take the modified files and upload them to the service you are using, this gives you a bit more control of what is happening behind as you can edit the files. Now that you are a little bit more into open source website builder software lets introduce Mobirise.

Mobirise Open Source Website Builder

Mobirise is an offline software that lets you create completely responsive and mobile friendly websites which will adapt to any kind of device, it is perfect to create projects such as small/medium websites, landing pages or even your portfolios, and you can install it on Windows and Mac.

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Mobirise comes with a lot of themes and extensions that lets you play with them using the WYSIWYG technology, which ends up being very handy for non programmers and in general, people that is not familiarized with web programming.

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Super features

Something that makes Mobirise be highlighted above other open source website builder apps is the fact that Mobirise takes so much care about the SEO part of the project. This is crucial if you need the website to be ranked well by the Google search engine, which may affect to all the businesses.

Another important aspect about the designing part of this open source website builder is about the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) framework it is based on, which is Bootstrap 4. In case you are not into web programming, you need to know that Bootstrap is one of the main frontend frameworks used for CSS styling and is pretty common to see bootstrap styles on a webpage nowadays.

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When it comes to the design, we all have a lot of them in mind and are really lazy about starting them from the beginning every time, well, Mobirise avoids this with more than 2500 blocks of HTML code that you will edit in a WYSIWYG form.

About the security of the app, you may know that Mobirise is GDPR compliant so you don't have to worry about personal data, which is a good point for novices who may not have all in count when they are developing a website.

Great extensions

Apart from what we previously commented, Mobirise also comes with premium extensions that will give you a wider idea of what your online business or portfolio would need.

A straightforward method to make your site additionally captivating and intuitive is to apply extensions. Clients may interface distinctive custom expansions that incorporate symbols, Lazy Load for better versatile client experience, block packs, sliders, shopping baskets perfect with PayPal, and heaps of other valuable additional items. The main drawback here is that augmentations are paid. You may buy them independently just as purchase a full Mobirise pack that as of now remembers all the augmentations for expansion to the Code Editor and subjects.

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An element for experienced coders and propelled website specialists is the code editor. It lets clients get to the source code of every component or block and do some HTML/CSS coding to apply new highlights. In the event that you have to embed your very own bit code, benefit as much as possible from the Custom HTML Block that makes it conceivable to coordinate outsider codes too. The supervisor comes as a paid augmentation.

The stage contrasts from normal web design software available online. The downloadable program was intended to make new pages and destinations without any preparation. It implies that you should have a facilitating plan and a DNS register. To go live with your site, you may download it to the nearby drive or distribute FTP documents legitimately to your server.

Publishing pages

Aside from that, you can distribute your sites at the nearby server and assets like Google Drive, Github, Amazon S3, and so forth.

This makes it workable for you to transfer the most recent form of the site to any cloud while being ceaselessly without having your PC nearby. In like manner, you will approach this site variant from any area you are in.

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There is a see mode that causes it conceivable to perceive how to the site looks like in the program. It is accessible in a work area and portable form. Just switch between modes by tapping the gadget symbol.

Fortunately novices will surely welcome it while experienced architects and coders will don't care for the restricted customization include choice.

Wrapping it up

Mobirise open source website builder is definitely the tool you are looking for if you are a frontend developer in need of a good prototyping software or a web designer bored of the piece of paper with forms on it.

You can download the software installer for free and with no charges at all, everything you need to start making you portfolio or online business.

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