JS Carousel Slider - WOW Slider Review

If you’re a business owner, you know the importance of adding photos to your website; your photos need to be presentable, unique and eye-catching and using sliders is a way to do just that. However, in today’s web design, sliders play an important role in a website’s presentation. If you have a website that exclusively shows pictures, videos, animations, etc. JS carousel slider apps come in real handy.

JS Carousel Slider

Today’s web design is more about being eye-catching, all the while maintaining a level of intricacy and modernity to the design.

WOW slider

WOW slider is a take on improving the everyday boring sliders on websites around the internet and adding a modern yet unique twist on it. While most would say that all image sliders are the same, the people at WOW Slider beg to differ. There are different websites that have created very unique looking sliders for their website; but, that was coded in by professional web developers and the everyday Joe just doesn’t have the time for all that.

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  • Amazing sliders and templates: there are DOZENS of templates and transition effects to choose from. If you want your website to be creative, unique and expressive, there is likely a template and JS Carousel Slider example made specifically for your needs.
  • The JS Carousel Slider is super simple and easy to use: there are so many ways you can customize it; it’s just straight forward and well-maintained. All you have to do is drop the image you want in the slider, choose a skin from the dozens of available ones and you can save it as a standalone page in WordPress, a joule module or embed it into your website without any problem.
  • Lightweight, fast and responsive: The reason why people are choosing this JS Carousel Slider instead is the fact that it is super lightweight, fast and has a responsive design. What is a responsive design? It means that whether you access your website on a desktop computer, a mac, a tablet or your phone, it will look perfect and appealing on all platforms. It will automatically reduce in size when the device is changed.
  • Automatically sizes and crops the images you put in it: So, let’s say you have an image that is 1024x 728 pixels and an image that is 2560 x 1440p; on a webpage, they might appear in different sizes; however, they appear as the same in the Wow slider.
  • On-demand loading (lazy loading) capable: let’s say you have 128 images that need to be loaded in the slider. If it was a typical slider without lazy loading or on-demand loading, it would take a lot of time to load these pictures; as they would have to be in the web-page pre-loaded and that would take up a lot of unnecessary loading time. On-demand loading only loads the images that are currently being displayed on the screen.
  • Tons more: You can check out the whole list of features at wowslider.com

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How to use it:

It is pretty easy to use; actually, you just need to download the wow slider software from their website and start creating. The whole process is easy to understand and can be done without any coding knowledge whatsoever.

All you need to do is drag and drop the templates, slider options, select the effects, images and you’re good to go. It’s simple, effective and most importantly, made for people that don’t know how to code.


This JS Carousel Slider helps you create unique, customizable and personalized sliders all without any knowledge of coding. It’s important to make your website represent your business or niche. This slider will help you accomplish just that.

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Other benefits include:

SEO friendly:This slider is made in HTML 5 and isn’t using heavy-duty CSS or Javascript. The reason why this matters is that whenever Google crawls your website, it has to go through the whole website and code. The more code on the website, the slower the page will load. Google gives your website a better ranking if it loads faster; hence, using this slider won’t negatively affect your ranking.

And a lot more!


If you’re someone that cares about how your website is viewed by your traffic, then this slider is a great addition to your website. Considering the fact you can edit it according to your needs and wants, you can easily make something that fits your needs perfectly.

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