How to change the speed of the slideshow

You may want to alter the amount of time each slide is on display for before being replaced by the next slide. If you have just images you may want a shorter time, if you have text as well, you may want a longer time.

To change the duration of each slide, please do the following:

1. Use the 'Settings' button

The settings button is the big button at the bottom-right corner of cssSlider, that has a gear on a yellow background for the icon.

2. Navigate to the 'Image settings' tab

Once the settings panel is open, make sure you are on the 'image settings' section by using the tabs at the top of the screen.

3. Use the sliders to alter the delay and duration

There are two sliders on the 'image settings' tab, one called 'Delay between slides' which alters how long each slide is displayed for, and one called 'Effect duration', which controls how long it takes each slide to transition into the next.

Move the sliders until you have the appropriate number of seconds.

4. Click 'Apply'

After you apply the settings, you will see the change in speed in the preview window straight away.