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100 % Pure CSS3 Carousel?

Generate amazing image sliders totally in CSS. No JavaScript, no jQuery, no graphic icons, no hand coding! It's amazingly fast, light, responsive, and retina-ready. Runs perfectly on every popular devices and browsers. Rotate, Pan & Zoom, KenBurns, Fade, Slide transitions and a few flat designs are available. Download a slider generator for Windows and Mac now!

Zero coding

Develop your slider in a few clicks with the visual builder

CSS3 effects

Silky smooth hardware-accelerated transitions run much better than jQuery ones, specifically on smartphones and tablets

Adaptive Layout

Visitors don't always explore your website from the comforts of their home office desktop. Many use mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or one of the other countless devices available. This powerful, responsive slider will wonderfully scale itself to suit any screen resolution, guaranteeing your site can look terrific on any device!


cssSlider is totally compatible with all mobile gadgets and will work just as well on your iPhone, iPad, Android as it does on your home desktop.


All slider controls are vector font and they're excellent on hi-res monitors and screens

Pure CSS

cssSlider is exclusively CSS based (no jQuery, no JavaScript), hence it'll work in any browser, without the need for any additional script libraries.

Perfect CSS Slider

Just forget about any JavaScript - this image slider is created with CSS and HTML at 100%

Stunning transitions

cssSlider features amazing pure CSS3, hardware-accelerated effects to delight your customers and help to keep their attention focused on your own web site.

Fade Animation & Demure Style Javascript Slider

This slider is smart and modern, with clean lines and an attractive blue, grey and white color scheme.

It is a modern slider, using CSS3 animation techniques to stand out, and reduce loading times and reliance on javascript/jQuery. As you would expect, it is completely responsive. A lot of thought has been put into making sure the slider operates well at all screen sizes, with the slider not only scaling up and down in size but some elements of the UI vanishing at smaller sizes to allow the images to remain the focus of attention.

Most of the animation techniques used are simple, which helps the slider look modern and clean and does not distract from the main images. For example, each image changes to the next very quickly and smoothly via a basic fade.

If you mouse-over the slideshow, additional elements appear. These are three semi-transparent grey boxes that are quite narrow and elongated. Within each box is a white icon. These icons ‘flip’ into place, like doors opening. The overall effect is stylish and modern.

Hovering over one of the icons causes it to turn blue and expand into a square. In the case of the two arrows, the rectangle grows in width to meet the edge of the slider. This has two results: firstly it makes it clear that you can interact with the icons, and secondly it creates a larger target area — making them easier to use, particularly on smaller screens.

Clicking on the icons allows the user to cycle forward and back through the slideshow, and pause/play the slideshow.

It is also possible to skip to any slide in the show by using the bullet navigation at the bottom of the slider. This is a set of grey circles, each one representing an image in the slideshow. As each image loads, the relevant circle turns blue. When you hover over a circle, a preview image ‘flips up’ from a bottom hinge — mimicking the other UI elements. As you would expect, clicking on a circle loads the relevant image.

There is a title and a sub-title in the bottom left corner. The title is white text on a semi-transparent grey rectangle, and the sub-title is white text on a blue rectangle. Both rectangles flip in from a top hinge. The text uses the sans-serif font ‘Roboto’; a natural and friendly feeling font that does not sacrifice legibility.

Overall this design is extremely flexible, and could be used for a wide-range of websites including blogs, e-commerce sites, travel and tourism sites and so on. It is attractive and modern, and guarantees your visitors will have a positive first impression. The colors work well together, although you can of course change them in cssSlider to better match your website scheme if required.