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100% CSS Slideshow?

Build stunning picture sliders entirely in CSS. Zero jQuery, zero JavaScript, no image icons, no hand scripting! It's truly fast, light, adaptive, and retina-ready. Runs on each todays devices and browsers. Fade, Slide, Zoom, Ken Burns effects and a few skins are included. Get a slider maker for Windows and Mac now!

Color Combos

Every cssSlider skin has 6 pre-made color combo to make your selection simpler.

Auto Cropping and Sizing

No more need for separate photo editing applications. The cssSlider easily crops your photos and resizes them to match whatever size you define!

Light-weight and compatible

Lightning page speed is a certainty because it is not becoming slowed down by JavaScript, along with being designed to the most up to-date techie specifications to allow it to be super-compatible.

Extra Settings

There's a large amount of options you can tweak, including enchanting transition effects and brilliant flat designs, prev/next navigation, bullets with thumbnails, auto play, pause/stop, full width, full screen and additional options.

CSS3 effects

Sleek and smooth hardware-accelerated effects work much better than jQuery ones, especially on mobile devices


All slider controls are vector icon font and they are ideal on hi-res screens

Absolute CSS Slider

Just forget about using any JavaScript - this picture slider is created with CSS and HTML at 100%

Impressive animations

cssSlider includes incredible pure CSS3, hardware-accelerated transitions to impress your visitors and help to keep their eyes concentrated on your webpage.

SEO Friendly

cssSlider is created with plain HTML5. It looks fantastic and search engines are still able to spider it correctly. This enables you to keep your website visitors and search engines both satisfied all at one time!

Fade Transition & Sheer Design Javascript Slideshow

This is a relaxed, cute and playful slider design with a slightly feminine look and feel. It would be perfect for websites with an arts-and-crafts focus, for bloggers, or for romance and chick-lit authors.

The design uses a purple and white color scheme, rounded corners, and transparency to create a soft, slightly casual look. Of course, everything can be tweaked and customized in cssSlider so that the resulting slider blends seamlessly with your website.

Hovering over the slideshow causes additional UI elements to appear. These three buttons fade and shrink gently into place. They are formed of transparent circles and icons with semi-transparent white borders. The use of transparency means they are quite discreet and out-of-the-way, allowing the images to show through. Hovering over one of the icons causes it to turn into a solid purple circle with a white icon, which makes it more noticeable and encourages the user to click on it.

A series of bullets at the bottom of the slideshow allows people to go directly to the image they are most interested in. These bullets are also quite discreet, as each one is a small, semi-transparent white dot. When highlighted, the dot turns transparent and gains a thin white border.

Hovering over one of the dots causes a preview of the slide to drop and fade into place. This movement catches the eye and means people will quickly realize the purpose of the bullet navigation. As you would expect, clicking on the dot loads the slide into the slideshow.

Each image in the slideshow has space for a caption in the left corner. This is a semi-transparent white rectangle with rounded corners, with purple text. The caption uses the font ‘Raleway’, an elegant sans-serif typeface that is both fun and extremely legible.

The captions ‘swell’ into place, seeming to expand in size very quickly, almost appearing to ‘pop’ into place. The resulting effect is fun and attractive.

The slider design uses the ‘Fade’ change effect. This means that each new image fades quickly in and the previous image fades quickly out. It is quite a subtle and simple transition, which again allows the focus to remain on the images and does not distract from them.

As befits a modern slider, this theme does not use javascript or Jquery to handle any of the UI elements or transition effects. Instead, the slider uses only css3. The benefits of this are numerous, but the main ones include the speed at which the slider loads and the smooth and beautiful animations that are possible. As you would expect, the slider is responsive, resizing itself to fit the size of the display screen. As such, this slider is an excellent choice for anybody who wants a relaxed slider design that still has powerful functionality and a reliable framework.