Inspiring Bootstrap Layout Templates | Collection 2022

Now we are going to discuss the most beautiful and vivid templates of Mobirise Bootstrap Builder. They have their own individuality and vividness. You would find all the necessary elements for the successful landing page creation. I would like to mention that all these Bootstrap layout templates are based on the bootstrap platform. And already here we can distinguish several pros. Bootstrap supports almost all the browsers and CSS is fixed, it works properly with different scripts, it’s the standard platform, which has a good documentation system.

Bootstrap Builder

By the way, the Bootstrap layout examples have a very nice responsive design, which would look good on all devices. Remember that in Mobirise you can use stunning images absolutely for free.


It’s a very subtle and affectionate theme, which is obviously devoted to a good taste. Here you can present your agency, for example, which helps people to create their own style and develop the individuality. In this template, you would find the standard blocks, which you can see in every theme of Mobirise website builder. Among the most useful blocks of this template, I might distinguish Feature block.

bootstrap layout templates

You can try the one with 6 images on it. This block has cards with a small subscript below. Despite a quite modest and colorless background, the combination of pictures creates a dynamic and movement. Big gaps between pictures and their location create this effect.

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It’s the last theme, which was issued in Mobirise. You can use this theme for your political organization. Again, you can use all the elements to present the main points of your organization. Here you can show your team with all its members, countdown, form, description of your company, articles, features and so on. PoliticsM4 has it’s own decent style and elements imposition. Also, in this template, you can see a very good combination of colors.

Bootstrap templates

In the first Features block, there’s a very nice light gradient from one part of the block to another. In the last Feature block, you can see the set of absolutely different colors, though they don’t collapse with each other. The accents are made very properly. When you’re hovering the image you can see interesting animated effects.

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It’s a recently issued template with a flat design and slight animation on the background of the header block. TechM4 has quite a big amount of different blocks in comparison with other Bootstrap layout templates ob Mobirise bootstrap builder.

Bootstrap 4 template

It’s obvious that the theme is designed for the enterprise, which is deals with the tech. That’s why you will find here acquiring images ad blocks. Elements have interesting imposition, clashing with the stylish background it creates the necessary atmosphere.

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It’s one of the briskest and colorful Bootstrap layout templates of Mobirise website builder. In the IndustryM4 theme, you would see the most peculiar elements imposition. Images clash with the bright yellow background, not fitting the block. The other pictures are hidden behind black or gray rectangular and you can see them only after hovering them with the mouse.

html bootstrap design template

Moreover, one image might stretch in two small rectangular blocks. Text creates the dynamic either. Vertical lines of text are located on the sides of the blocks, aside from the main horizontal text. It creates the effect of the wholeness, despite the collaboration and clashes of the images. Very big images combining a very interesting pattern either that’s why all this mess turns to a very interesting design.

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It’s a very sophisticated template with many stunning images, where you can see the most beautiful places in the world.

mobirise website builder

You would find here a small sorting block, beautiful slide show and the big form, which would help you to sort the info about the main desirable destination of your customer. I would like to mention that you can find even more striking images in the Free Online Library in very good quality.

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Guess that it’s one of the most informative Bootstrap layout templates in the Mobirise bootstrap builder. Menu block has a double-deck structure. At the first part, you can see work time, address and contact information. The second part is the usual menu with the links, which lead you to a certain part of the website.

Bootstrap Website Builder

When you’re scrolling down the first part of the menu is collapsing, so you can see only relevant information at the precise moment – links to the blocks. Also, you can see the Accordion block, which contains the sketch of the apartment. So basically, it means that you can put the image with the apartment plan to accordion and add its description.

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We are happy to introduce you Mobirise Bootstrap Layout Templates. They might be very useful for you in the future. Hope that you have got the necessary information. Later we would present you AMP themes, which have maybe even more pros than those, which we’ve described to your today.