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Pure CSS Slideshow?

Create gorgeous photo sliders fully in CSS. No jQuery, no JavaScript, no image icons, no scripting! It's truly fast, lightweight, responsive, and retina-ready. Operates well on every current devices and web browsers. Fade, Slide, Zoom, Ken Burns effects and a bunch of flat skins are accessible. Get a free slider builder for Windows and Mac now!

Zero coding

Prepare your slider in minutes with the visual creator

Simplified to Use

User friendly, you just assign a variety of templates, colors and effects from the collection to your slider. There is absolutely no understanding of programming required whatsoever. You may not have to type a single line of code!

Color Combinations

Every Single cssSlider template comes with 6 ready-to-use color pattern to make your choice easier.

Drag and Drop

With the drag-n-drop, cssSlider couldn't be simpler to use. Include and remove pictures, alter the ordering, insert sliders in minutes.

Perfect templates

Choose skins, colors and transitions in the awesome set that is contained and ready to go.

CSS3 effects

Silky smooth hardware-accelerated animations run a lot better than jQuery ones, specifically on smartphones and tablets

Light-weight and compatible

Lightning page performance is a certainty because it is not becoming slowed down by Java Script, along with being developed to the most current techie standards to make it super-compatible.


The prev/next arrows, bullets, play/pause and other controls are icon font, making them resolution independent and great for retina hi-res screens.

Outstanding effects

cssSlider has remarkable pure CSS3, hardware-accelerated animations to delight your visitors and help to keep their attention concentrated on your own webpage.

Rotate Transition & Blast Template Slideshow Html

This is a bright and fun slider theme for your website. The theme uses a cheerful yellow-orange color scheme that will help your slideshow really stand out. Modern ‘bouncing’ transitions add movement and life and draw the eye.

This CSS-only slider template has a number of elements to help the user navigate through the slides. At the bottom-center of the slider is a series of bullets. These can be used to skip between slides. Each circle represents one of the images in the slideshow. This is communicated to the user by highlighting the relevant circle as each new image appears. The circles are yellow-orange, and are highlighted by gaining a semi-transparent light-grey border.

You can hover over a circle and a preview image appears within a semi-transparent orange frame, letting the user decide which images they are most interested in viewing.

Hovering over the slideshow causes the rest of the navigation interface to appear. These icons fade-and-shrink into place, a unique and interesting effect that fits well with the ‘fun’ feeling of the theme. When the user stops hovering over the slider, the icons expand as they fade out.

There are three icons. A ‘previous’ arrow on the left, a ‘pause’ button in the center, and a ‘next’ arrow on the right. They all have standard icons so are easy to use. Interacting with one of the icons causes a ‘halo’ effect, where a yellow circle explodes out from it and fades away. Again, it is unique and fun and makes this slider a pleasure to use.

More information can be added to each slide in the text-area in the lower-left corner. These comprise of two semi-transparent yellow rectangles with white text. The theme uses the font ‘Duru Sans’, which is quite a classic sans-serif font that is extremely easy to read and has a modern feel.

The text-boxes drop into place slightly asynchronously which reinforces the quirky, fun feel of the slider design.

This theme uses the change effect ‘rotate’ to transition from one image to the next. This is a fun effect that is full of movement. Each image ‘spins’ out and away, while the next image spins in and down.

All of the animation effects — for the icons, caption and main images — use a similar style, whilst each being individual. This contributes to the quirky and modern look and feel of the design.

The slider is responsive, scaling up and down to fit the screen display. Because it uses only CSS3, and no images, it is fast to load even on smartphones and tablets.

Because of the bright colors and fun style, this slider would be great for websites aimed at children, or for any html website builder that wants a bright and clean look. Some restaurants, tourist attractions and any outdoor pursuit sites would also benefit from the fun, open-air feel.