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100% CSS Slider?

Make perfect image sliders totally in CSS. No JavaScript, no jQuery, no image icons, no hand programming! It's surprisingly fast, light, liquid, and retina-ready. Works perfectly on each todays devices and internet browsers. Rotate, Pan & Zoom, KenBurns, Fade, Slide animations and a number of flat themes are included. Download a free slider builder for Windows and Mac now!

No-jQuery Slider

You can forget heavy and slow-moving jQuery containing loads of unused code

Automated Cropping and Sizing

No need for different picture editing applications. The cssSlider immediately crops your images and resizes them to suit whatever dimension you define!

Highly Customizable

Run css Slider webpage builder in two distinct settings modes: Basic and Advanced. Select from numerous builtin layout designs to keep things real simple, or dive into edit the settings any way you had like for full control.

Breathtaking templates

Choose templates, colors and transitions from your awesome set that is comprised and ready to go.

Responsive slider

Responsive slider suits properly to your page, in spite of the display size

Color Combinations

Every Single cssSlider template offers 6 ready-to-use color scheme to make your choice simpler.

Fade Transition & Agile Layout Wordpress Slider Plugin

This slider is ideal for modern website design that makes a simple visual impact. The frameless box would be well suited to innovative single page websites or pages showcasing panoramic photographs. Image space is maximized and no border weighs it down.

The bold orange navigation arrows are easy to locate and use, tying in well with most contemporary website designs and color schemes. Hovering over the arrows clearly activates the navigation arrow, and this is emphasized by an outline surrounding the arrow’s sphere. In addition, the arrow shifts in the direction the navigation will take the user when it is highlighted.

The orange dots at the bottom of the slide not only coordinate well with the navigation arrows, they allow the user to view a preview of the image that is represented by each. Therefore, the website user may hoover over each dot to see the preview of each image before clicking on the desired picture. This thoughtful design minimizes clicks that the user must utilize in order to navigate to the desired information. These arrows hide away until hovered over for superior image viewing.

The simplified navigation allowed by this slider is the trend for 2015 websites with significant importance placed on the user experience and ease. The lower central dots that allow the user to switch images also clearly indicate which picture the user is currently viewing as well as displaying a clear orange label defining the image. The same orange surround that indicates activation of the navigation arrows indicates which image in the series is being viewed, making it easy for viewers to track the order and placement of the images.

Use of this slider is intuitive for website users who will immediately notice the bright orange navigation tools and infer their use. The extra clarification of the features upon hovering over any active control makes the use of this slider simple enough for any internet user.

The transition effect utilized by this slider is a quick fade of one image and immediate replacement with the next, for a modern, no-frills image swap. With no distracting transition effects in use, the user’s focus is kept entirely upon the images themselves.

This sleek, contemporary slider would be perfect for websites featuring photographs or artwork. It would also be well-suited to a business website maker, giving it a cutting edge feel for a great first impression on prospective customers.