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100 % Pure CSS Slider?

Get beautiful photo sliders fully in CSS. No jQuery, no JavaScript, no image icons, no hand scripting! It's amazingly fast, light, liquid, and retina-ready. Works perfectly on each current devices and web browsers. Fade, Slide, Zoom, Ken Burns animations and a few themes are included. Download a free slider builder for Windows and Mac now!


All slider controls are vector icon font and they are great on high resolution displays


cssSlider is fully compatible with all mobiles and will work just as well on your iPhone, iPad, Android as it does on your home desktop computer.

Responsive slider

Responsive slider matches wonderfully to your page, in spite of the display proportions

Automated Cropping and Sizing

No need for different image editing applications. The cssSlider easily crops your pictures and resizes them to suit whatever dimension you set!

Extremely Customizable

Run css Slider website builder in two different configuration modes: Basic and Advanced. Pick from a number of builtin layout designs to keep things real simple, or dive into edit the settings any way you had like for full control.

Stunning animations

cssSlider includes amazing pure CSS3, hardware-accelerated effects to impress your customers and keep their attention focused on your web page.

Beautiful skins

Select templates, colors and effects in the awesome group that's contained and prepared to go.

Adaptive Layout

Users don't always explore your site from the comforts of their home office pc. Many use smart phones, tablets, notebooks, or various other countless devices out there. This powerful, liquid slider will beautifully scale itself to suit all display sizes, guaranteeing your website will look perfectly on any mobile!

Color Combinations

Every cssSlider template comes with 6 pre-made color pattern to make your selection easier.

Perfect CSS Slider

Just forget about using any JavaScript - this image slider is made with CSS and HTML entirely

100 % Pure CSS

cssSlider is exclusively CSS based (no jQuery, no JavaScript), so it is going to work in any web browser, without needing any extra scripts.

Slide Vertical Effect & Material Template Content Slider

This demo shows off your images in a stunning slideshow that is all about presentation! Arrows and titles are brushed off to the sides and corners to avoid cluttering the screen while always being readily available for easy control and access. You can move forward and backward by clicking on the aforementioned arrows at the left and right hand of the screen which are encased in simple blue circles that go well with the image title's square background and the ones at the bottom of the demo that quickly allow you to skip to whichever image you may wish to see at any moment. You can also scroll through them by clicking and dragging the mouse over the photos if you desire.

This demo would go well with simpler, funner themes with preferably contrasting colors so no details are lost against the overpowering blue circles.