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jQuery Image Gallery

100 % Pure CSS Slider?

Generate awesome picture sliders fully in CSS. No jQuery, no JavaScript, no graphic icons, no scripting! It's amazingly fast, light, adaptive, and retina-ready. Operates well on every modern devices and browsers. KenBurns, Slide, Fade, Zoom effects and some skins are available. Download a slider maker for Windows and Mac now!

Liquid Layout

Users don't always browse your website from the comforts of their home office desktop. Many use smart phones, tablets, notebooks, or various other countless devices out there. This powerful, responsive slider will perfectly scale itself to suit all screen dimensions, ensuring your blog will look amazing on any mobile!

Extra Settings

That is a huge amount of settings that you can tweak, such as beautiful transition effects and brilliant flat templates, prev/next navigation, bullets with thumbnails, autoplay, pause/stop, full width, full screen and other options.

Light-weight and compatible

Lightning page performance is a certainty since it's not becoming slowed down by Java Script, in addition to being designed to the most up-to-day techie specifications to make it extremely-compatible.

100 % Pure CSS Slider

Forget about any JavaScript - this image slider is created with CSS and HTML entirely

Auto Cropping and Sizing

No need for different picture editing apps. The cssSlider automatically crops your pictures and resizes them to match whatever size you set!

Color Combinations

Each cssSlider theme goes with 6 pre-made color scheme to make your choice simpler.

Slide Vertical Transition & Zippy Skin Jquery Image Gallery

This fun non-jQuery image gallery template has a vintage vibe that makes it great for websites with a nostalgic look and feel. Despite the vintage look, however, there is nothing old-fashioned about the technology behind this template — it uses pure CSS3 and HTML5, without any reliance on jQuery or Javascript. As you would expect, the gallery is also completely responsive, working flawlessly on smartphones and tablets as well as on laptops, computers and Smart TVs.

The image gallery itself is a little smaller than many typical image galleries, which works well with the vintage look, and means that the slider doesn’t overpower the website.

The whole gallery is designed around a vertical movement instead of a horizontal movement. Each image in the gallery slides up from the bottom, until it reaches the end of the ‘reel’, and flips quickly back through all the images to the start of the slideshow.

Due to the vertical movement, the navigational arrows point up and down, instead of the more usual left and right. These arrows appear in the top and bottom corners of the right-hand side of this jQuery-free photo gallery. The arrows themselves are a thin black arrowhead, very simple and minimal, that appear against a white circle. When the user hovers over the arrow, it flexes outwards, becoming wider and shorter.

Clicking on an arrow either moves the next slide into place, or drops the previous slide back into view.

In between the two arrows are a series of small white circles. These white circles each represent a slide in the gallery, and the current image is highlighted by a black dot in the center of the white circle. Hovering over a circle brings up a preview of the slide to the left of the circle, contained within a thin white frame.

In the bottom left corner of the slideshow are two captions, a larger title and a smaller sub-title. These provide additional information about each image in the slider gallery.

The text is black and uses Khula, a clean san-serif font. The font is presented against a white rectangle with rounded corners.

The captions ‘swell’ into place, while the white rectangles fade in and out. This effect is clean and attractive, and works well with the rest of the template. The relatively small amount of movement stops the captions from distracting from the images themselves.

This slideshow image gallery template would be ideal for an antiques website, a second-hand book seller, any kind of crafty or handmade goods store. It’s slightly quirky look belies the extremely functional and slick underpinnings to this slideshow template.